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SAFE traffic education for schoolchildren

Published On: 02nd July 2009

By Staff Writer

Human error is the major cause of accidents that take place on the city roads. Lack of knowledge about traffic rules not only leads to fatal accidents, at times it results in street brawls and road rage. 

While there are many road users who flout traffic rules with impunity for thrill, there are others who do so simply because they are ignorant about the road manners. There is a need to inculcate road manners in the citizens. 
The Vadodara traffic police have taken an initiative in this direction. Acting on the maxim ‘catch them young’, the city traffic police organized a programme on Wednesday to create awareness among school students about traffic rules.
The event was part of a broader education program being carried out by a group of 26 volunteers from the city’s colleges styled as Safety Awareness for Everyone (SAFE). Under the programme, the volunteers would carry the message of safety to schools. Over a period of six months these volunteers would cover as many as 372 schools.
Audio-visual presentation to enlighten the children about various traffic symbols and signs is part of the programme. Besides, films on safe driving and safe road crossing are also shown during the programme. 

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