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Class X Board

State boards can exist alongside: Yashpal

Published On: 27th June 2009

By Staff Writer

Distancing himself from the move to scrap Class X board exam and abolish the state boards, Professor Yashpal said, "Though I had suggested a uniform examination pattern throughout the country, I did not recommend doing away with the state boards.” 

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All but three states fall in line with the Sibal plan

Published On: 27th June 2009

By Staff Writer

 In his scheme of things, the Union Minister of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Kapil Sibal, has made it clear that there is provision for just one national examination board. At present there are two national boards in the country in addition to many state-wise boards.

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Support pours in for Sibal from unexpected quarters

Published On: 26th June 2009

By Staff Writer

Having propounded the idea of sweeping education reforms the new Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal may have to brace for a long battle with opponents of the reforms who want to maintain status quo in the education system. 

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