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IIM-A grads to equip themselves to face slowdown challenges

Published On: 19th June 2009

By Staff Writer

 Through new courses, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) is striving to make its students aware of the ongoing recession.

Besides, the premier institute is roping in corporate honchos and its alumni to ensure their exposure to the recession hit corporate world so that its graduates are prepared to face the changing times.
 The new courses are being introduced to familiarize students with jobs in insurance and publishing industries. Apart from this, courses on cost-cutting and slowdown are also included in the curriculum.  
Ever since the September 2008 Wall Street collapse top-ranking B-schools have been contemplating on training managers to tide over the economic crisis. Of late, there has been a debate over B-schools’ role in the down turn. After all, the managers responsible for the crisis are trained by them. Some B-schools are of the opinion that they should do some soul searching and be open to course correction.  
IIM-A director Samir Baruah however differs with this view. He absolves B-schools of the blame for the economic crisis.  
Samir Baruah was quoted as saying, “Market failure has more to do with individual greed, something a B-school curricula cannot prevent. We are analysing the situation and talking about the crisis and reasoning why it happened. We are discussing their ramifications for individuals and organisations and trying to alter the manner graduates would behave in the corporate world."

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