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Govt regrets absence of law to curb practice of capitation fee

Published On: 03rd July 2009

By Staff Writer

Even as the private colleges are thriving on capitation fees, the government has expressed its inability to curb this practice in the absence of a specific legislation to do so. Confessing that it is not oblivious of the fact that private educational institutions are extorting hefty capitation fees from the students, regretted that there was no law to deal with the menace.

Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs Vyalar Ravi said, “There is no legislation to specifically deal with the issue of educational institutions charging hefty capitation fees. But this issue needs to be debated.''
The minister was replying to supplementaries in the Rajya Sabha.
Answering a query form BJP members S S Ahluwalia and Vikram Verma on the measures the government would take to curb this practice, Mr Ravi said the government’s hands are tied in the absence of a specific law in this matter. 

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