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Bihar’s Super 30 make it to the IITs

Published On: 26th May 2009

By Staff Writer

April is the month of scorching heat, but for around 230,000 IIT aspirants, this is time for burning midnight oil to crack the highly-competitive entrance exam.

After the exhausting 6-hour test, just 5,000 students could be able to get a place in Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Most of the students have middle-class background. They make preparation for the exams through private coaching.

But to my surprise, for the past few years, a small group of deprived and talented students have been making it to the IITs, by the grace of Ramanujan School of Mathematics.

However this year has been glorifying for Bihar’s Super 30, which has achieved 100% result.

Anand Kumar, director of Super 30, said, “Our dream has been fulfilled with a hundred percent result. We are really happy.”

Every year, Super 30 selects a group of 30 IIT aspirants, who come from poor families. The institute offer them free of cost food, coaching and accommodation.

Super 30 was founded 5 years back and its success could inspire other such institutes all over India. Eighteen of its students were able to crack the IIT-JEE in 2003, when the ins-titute was set up. Since then success ratio kept increasing from 22 in 2004 and 26 in 2005 and it’s still on the path of increasing.



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