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Science, a lucrative discipline for the disciplined

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30th June 2009
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Engineering and medicine are the two professions that seem to have got into the psyche of the students who opt for science stream. Students who look forward to pursue education beyond plus two levels invariably choose science with an aim to pursue a career in these two fields. 

Both engineering and medicine as career options open up a wide variety of vistas for specialization for the youngsters. While engineering and medicine are just two of the many applications of science, an average student does not seem to look beyond these two streams. 
Science in the modern context is a stream which has many a core branch, technology, biotechnology, microbiology and information being a few of the post graduation options. 
Information technology, biotechnology and computer science are a rage among students. 
Among these modern day sciences, computer science and information technology are in high demand in the corporate world, especially the multinationals. Recession or slowdown has had little impact on these applications of science and technology.
However, before going in for science as a subject of specialization students must bear one thing in their mind especially those who opt for Science right after Class X. A casual approach to the subject won’t take their career anywhere. Unlike other subjects science needs total and single minded concentration. Only those students who have a degree of dedication can sustain themselves in the field of science.
If engineering and medicine are your aim, you would better start preparing for entrance exam from Std XI itself. Even students opting for vocational courses must have studied these subjects at school.
Science being a vast stream, it trains students in interdisciplinary subjects. 
Candidates with B.Sc. (IT, biotech, molecular biology) command a starting monthly pay of Rs 25,000. Specialization in a given field with a few years of experience enhances the scope of opportunities.
These days, students prefer to study in the institutions which make a provision for coaching for Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Common Entrance Test (CET) exam.

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