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Canadians skeptical over education system: Survey

Published On: 22nd June 2009

By Staff Writer

 Almost half the population of Canada is of the opinion that the country’s education system does not equip the youngsters to engage themselves in a profitable venture. This has come to light through a survey conducted by Harris-Decima.

This cynicism over the worth of an education transcends sections, class and age barriers in the society.
Skepticism about the education system seems to be overriding when it comes to Albertans. An overwhelming number of Albertans, 52 per cent to be precise, feel it is not enough. 
Among the respondents to the survey, youth in the age group of 18-34 turned out to be more inclined to be optimistic than those representing older generation. 
Harris-Decima vice-president Jeff Walker was quoted as saying, in the above mentioned age group those relatively younger, especially those about to graduate, are more self assured than the older ones.
Walker further said, "Part of that self-awareness and self belief of that generation of people is the feeling that they work extremely hard and that the system has been beneficial to them."
While rating education at different levels, the respondents placed high school education at the bottom. A mere 37 % are of the opinion that high schools did "very well" in grooming the youngsters to join the country’s workforce.
"What it shows us is that if people perceive that there is even one weak link the system, they really worry that the system isn't necessarily getting Canada or Canadians to where they need to be," observed Walker.
62 % of the respondents graduate schools rated highly. They said these schools were successfully imparting the knowledge and skills needed professionals in the future.
The poll was conducted through telephone talk in May. A total of 1,000 Canadians were covered in the survey. 

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