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Business administration

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16th May 2009
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Business administration is something that makes students go-around. Candidates put everything at stake for a career in business administration. A degree in MBA is all that takes to pursue a career in business administration.

To understand this mad rush for business administration, we need to establish what business is all about?

Business is all about the small or big commercial dealings we have in our daily routine. While buying and selling of products and services are at the core of the concept of business, innovating, growing and sharing are the activities that make business sense. Resources like men, money, material and management all these are the tools of business.  Effective and planned utilization of all these resources in a result-oriented operation of business is called business management.

Business management like finance, management, services etc. is the most sought after career. Today a scientific approach towards business is an in thing for industries and enterprises. Every industrialist and entrepreneur wants to run his or her business in a planned and scientific matter, hence the emphasis on graduates in business administration. This demand led to the growth of business schools by leaps and bounds.

Marketing, human resource, operations, finance etc. all these specialized fields make business administration a glamorous profession and its practitioners highly paid professionals. It has in its wake opened up newer and infinite vistas of oppor-tunities. Good remuneration, status and scope, all that a candidate aspires for, the profession offers.

What it takes to be a good business executive? For a bright prospect in business administration the candidate must cultivate some personal skills like sound commun-ication, analytical power. Besides he/she must have professional skills like time management and presentation. There are many institutes which give professional coaching. They offer highly paid placements through campus selection as incentive.

While MBA is billed as ideal qualification in the field of management, BBA, BBM etc are bachelor degree programmes that one can enroll for basics of Business Administration. But through MBA course alone one can deem of specializing in a particular field of Business Management. An MBA degree from a good Business school alone ensures a successful career in manufacturing, business, education, healthcare and other service sectors.

In India, there are more than 1500 B Schools. Good infrastructure, faculty, good study atmosphere and impressive placement records, business associations and industry interaction etc. all these factors have to be taken into account before selecting a B-school for admission.
Many institutes are offering full and part time MBA courses. But only courses that have an approval from All India Council for Technical Education will be valued. The student should ensure that the institute is affiliated to a university.

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