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IIFM, US institutes jointly offer MBAs

Published On: 14th May 2009

By Staff Writer

Indian Institute of Financial Management (IIFM), in a joint-venture with Thomas Jeffe-rson School of Law (TJSL), has announced its Mumbai campus to offer joint MBAs.

The TJSL is ran-ked amongst the top 10 law schools in the world.

The 1st is a 2-year MBA plus MS degree in business law alongside the Thomas Jefferson School of Law (TJSL), whereas the 2nd degree will jointly be offered by the American Academy of Financial Management (AAFM), world’s largest and biggest financial education institution in the world at lower costs.

The degree is an MBA in conjunction with worldwide upheld certifications of CWM (Chartered Wealth Management) and E-commerce.

Jagmohan Bhanver, CEO of IIFM, "IIFM is the only institute in India to have tied up with such prestigious institutes for a joint degree."

Bhanver further added, "Students having any commonly accepted entrance scores can apply for admission. The classes will start from July."

The first batch will included about 20 students. In addition, there will be 100% video-conferenced lectures that will be delivered by world well-known faculty that teach at the partner US institutes.

Besides, the campus will have professors for their classroom lectures from institutes such as SP Jain and IIMs.

After the programme ends, IIFM & the partner US institute will award degree certificates to the students.