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Legal profession- an adventurous and exciting career option

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10th May 2009

Legal profession is one of the lucrative and rising professions throughout the world. It is not just adventurous, but an exciting career too.

Lawyers have high respect in our society, and when all else comes to an end, there is only one who is capable of taking recourse to the legal system.
Legal advice is required in our day-to-day lives. We are encountered with many types of situations where the need of legal professionals’ advice arises. They analyse and interpret law properly.

Lawyers, advising their clients about their legal rights, counsel a suitable way of action in a particular case. Besides advising their clients, they also draft legal documents, like cont-racts, wills and conduct negotiations on legal matters, and stand for them in the court and tribunal proceedings.

Academic excellence isn’t just enough to get succeeded in this profession. Professional competence obtained with the passage of practice and experience with efficient lawyers is the leading mantra of success.

Legal profession has several area of specialization. It’s up to what you yearn for. It inclu-des corporation law, criminal law, civil law,  labor law, international law,  patent law, tax law and so on.

Legal profession or law is conducted by numerous universities and institutions. National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore has premier place among law unive-rsities in India. Admission to NLSIU is available via an All India Admission Test, which is usually conducted on first Sunday in May.

Besides, other premier legal Institutions in India comprise of Pune and Faculty of Law of Delhi University, Government College Mumbai, University College Bangalore, ILS Law College and Symbiosis College, Aligarh Muslim University etc.

Eligibility:  if you want to get admission in law (LLB), you have to be 10+2 minimally. It has five years course duration and is sponsored by the Bar Council of India

Career Options and Job Prospects: If you want to make an advocate and practice law as a profession in India, it is mandatory to enroll with the local State Central Bar council.

Remuneration: Salaries of experienced attorneys differ widely as per the type, size, and location of their employer.


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