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Engineering: Cost-effective solution for technological problems

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09th May 2009

Engineers have a lot of work to do like; they have to plan, design, construct, produce, test, implement and maintain etc. In order to get practical solutions, they have to work on scientific theories. Engineering have its extend-ed branches that caters to technology, industries and business.

A student needs to be graduated with a solid technical background, which help her/him contribute to find solutions to the complicated problems being encountered by our nation.
Demand for Engineering Professionals continues to burgeon day by day. Engineering has fantastic scope for employment relying on the region of specialization. Aside from jobs in the private sector, engineers are also offered employment by the public sector too. Plus e-ngineers have numerous opportunities in the computer software industry, as well.

Engineers also have chances to join Defense services in the capacity of commissioned officers. They are highly demanded in Civil Aviation Industry and Merchant Navy. They can also work as a Consultant in research / scientific organizations.
Engineers, who have PG degree, are offered senior position in government and private department. They can work as an advisor or planner on basic infrastructure development of the industry. An engineer, who has entrepreneurship abilities, is also able to establish her/his own enterprise.
Following are the some of specialization courses offered in engineering:
• Architect/ Architectural Engineering
• Aeronautical Engineering
• Civil Engineering 
• Chemical Engineering
• Fire Engineering  
• Electronics Engineering
• Genetic Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering 
• Marine Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Electrical Engineering

• Electronics and Communications Engineering 



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