Indian Parents Lead Asia In Sending Children Overseas For Education: Study

Gurleen Kaur | Tuesday, December 12, 2017 3:14 PM IST

Mumbai:  More and more Indian parents are sending their children overseas for higher education with around 62 per cent of the parents in a poll saying they
 sent their kids to foreign universities in 2017 as against 47 per cent in 2016, claims a study. The findings are based on the study of over 8,000 parents across
 15 countries and territories which found that 42 per cent parents would consider sending their children to universities abroad, compared to 35 per cent in  2016.
Ambitious parents in Asia are boosting the trend where India leads the tray with 62 per cent of the parents doing so, followed by Indonesia (61), China (59),
Hong Kong (52), Malaysia (51) and Singapore (47), as per an HSBC report.With the rise of the information economy and a challenging job market, education
 has never been more important than it's today. Parents know this and they are willing to go to great lengths to secure the right education for their children,'
 HSBC group head for wealth management Charlie Nunn said in the report.