Christmas 2017:Importance of ‘Jolabokaflod’  For Students

Gurleen Kaur | Monday, December 25, 2017 2:58 PM IST

New Delhi:  Christmas, as time and again have been reiterated through movies, is all about traditions and
every country where Christmas is celebrated with flare have their own traditions. One which shines bright
among all others is from Iceland and this tradition can surely be adapted to benefit students and children
 in general all over the world. The tradition we are talking about is 'Jolabokaflod'. 'Jolabokaflod' is the
Icelandic for 'The book flood of Christmas'. It refers to the fact that majority of new books are published
during Christmas time in Iceland. In the 2-3 months leading to Christmas most new titles are published in
Iceland, usually about 500-1000 books.
The tradition started during World War II, when harsh restrictions on imports left the Icelandic people with
 few gift options during the Christmas time. The restrictions on imported paper were a lot more lenient, and
so books became the obvious gift of choice. Before the Jolabokaflod, every Icelandic citizen gets a 'Journal of Books'.
 It is an annual catalog which shows up in the mailbox of every single Icelandic citizen and they can choose
books from the catalog. This tradition could easily be adopted by parents in India and be used to encourage
reading habits in young children.