Kerala University launches massive online open courses (MOOC)

Gayathri | Sunday, February 12, 2017 9:39 PM IST

Kerala University has recently launched its MOOC. While the online programme aims to attract unlimited participants, it will provide various short-term courses. One of its worth mentioning courses is on the subject 'making powerful multimedia presentations.'

This course is especially concentrated on providing platform to students who can improve their multimedia presentation skills.

Details on mode of conduct

As per the university source, students will be provided with several multiple choice questions (MCQs), lectures, PPT presentation, and assessment segment.

It is widely accepted, the courses will be schemed in such a manner that it will enhances presentation skills of those who have already acquired power point skills.

Students will also be provided with 3 PPT slide of presentation on specific topics of their choice.

It seems to have received a good response from the stakeholders as the Professor Nair claimed that there are over 30 sign ups hour after the site was launched on Wednesday.

The course instructor and facilitators will be available online to respond to any related queries.

Interested candidates can sign up for the courses by registering at on  .