State assembly shows green signal to education, land bills in Bihar

Gayathri | Wednesday, April 26, 2017 10:06 AM IST

State assembly shows green signal to education, land bills in Bihar

 The state assembly on Monday passed by voice vote two education-related amendment Bills - Bihar State University (Amendment) Bill, 2017 and Patna University(Amendment) Bill, 2017 - which seek to restore teacher status to retired college principals and pave way for appointment of retired Bihar Administrative Services (BAS) officials as university registrars.

The House also passed the Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation Resettlement Bill in Taxation and Transparency Rights (Bihar Amendment) Bill, 2017, as a result of which the state government would not have to pay Rs 1,200 crore as compensation to farmers of the Amhara and Bihta areas in Bihta block of Patna district, whose chunks of land had earlier been acquired by the state government for the construction of the new airport and a four-lane road. With the passage of the Bill, the state will now pay only Rs 100 crore, without accruing interest at 12% per annum, to the farmers concerned.

Giving the government's reply to the amendments moved by BJP members Mithilesh Tiwari and Anil Singh to the two higher education amendment Bills, education minister Ashok Choudhary said only those college teachers who render 15 years of service and comply with other conditions are made college principals. 'Their college status remains basically intact. Therefore, restoring their status legally had become a must for their appointment as teachers on contract in future after their retirement to offset the shortage of college teachers. Moreover, their college status was abolished only in 2012,' Choudhary added.