Kyushu University Friendship Scholarships Japan 2017

Gayathri | Thursday, May 18, 2017 11:21 AM IST

Kyushu University Friendship Scholarships Japan 2017

Under Kyushu University Friendship Scholarships Scheme (hereafter Friendship Scholarship), Kyushu University invites students from abroad who attend prestigious universities in their home country and who will play an important role in their nation’s future.

By offering them a chance to study abroad at Kyushu University, the scheme aims to foster the nation’s future leaders, maintain good relations with Kyushu University, and play the role of point of contact to cultivate joint research and bring in external capital depending on their course or career after graduation.

●Eligibility & Number of Students

1) Eligibility:

・Students who are enrolled in non-Japanese universities.
・Terms of Study should be more than 3 months and less than 12 months. (In case of Double Degree Program students, terms of study can be more than 12 months.)
・Students who can be accepted by undergraduate school or graduate school of Kyushu University as a status listed in “Visa” part. (Students have to take a procedure separately to be exchange students of Kyushu University.)
・Students who can pay the tuition fee when they come from non-Japanese universities which doesn’t have agreement of student exchange with Kyushu University.

2) Number of Students:

About 5 people. (Depends on the budget.)

●Classification of Grants

Grants are as follows in principle.

1) Travel expenses

Travel expenses up to 100,000 yen, will be covered (actual costs). However, this depends on the budget of Kyushu University. The details are as follows:

a) Round-trip economy air ticket via the most direct route between Fukuoka and the location of the recipient’s university. Air tickets and transportation fees in the recipient’s home country will not apply unless receipts and other proof of purchase are made.

b) Incidental Expenses Only expenses incurred through visas, travel taxes, and airport taxes will be borne by Kyushu University. In the event that receipts and proof of payment are not submitted, these expenses will not be covered.

2) Amount of Scholarships

80,000 yen per month for undergraduate students
100,000 yen per month for graduate students

* Both your period of enrollment at Kyushu University and the length of stay in Japan must be more than 16 days of the month concerned in order to receive a monthly stipend.


Recipients of the Friendship Scholarship should obtain a “College Student” visa before entering Japan,should be enrolled in Kyushu University as status of Special Auditors, Special Research Students or Double Degree Students. Recipients have to take a procedure separately to be exchange students of Kyushu University at student section of undergraduate school or graduate school which they want to be enrolled in.

Tuition and Other Fees

In principle, examination and matriculation fees and tuition will be waived according to the provision
in an agreement or memorandum of student exchange signed between the recipient’s home university and Kyushu University. *This is only possible provided you are registered correctly as an exchange student at your home University prior to submitting the application for this scholarship. If the recipient’s home university does not have such an agreement or memorandum, Kyushu University will ask the recipient to pay the tuition and other fees during his / her term of study at Kyushu University.

Application Period

Terms of scholarship: from October 2017 to March 2018
Application Period: April 1, 2017 – May 31st, 2017

*Document should be submitted to International Student Exchange Division by May 31. Please note that deadline in each student section will be earlier than the above period. Please ask about the deadline to the student section.

●Required Documents

For Applicants *Language: English/ Submit to Supervisor or Student Section in Kyushu University

Friendship Scholarship Application Form (Fixed Form, within 2 pages)

Essay: What I expect from Kyushu University in light of my future career plans, theme and practical plan for a research at Kyushu University (FORM1,within 1 page)

A reference letter written by the applicant’s academic advisor to endorse the applicant’s suitability (No Fixed Form,within 1 page)

An official academic transcript (in English)

English language proficiency certificate, e.g. TOEFL score (optional / only if applicant already has one)

For Academic Supervisors (in Kyushu U) *Language: English or Japanese / Submit to Student Section

A reference letter and a plan for instruction (No Fixed form, within 1 page)

A letter and material to prove that the student is suitable for the purpose of Friendship Scholarship. (No fixed form, within 1 page)

For Student Section in Kyushu U *Language: Japanese / Submit to International Student Division

●Requirement of Recipients

Besides study and research, recipients of the Friendship Scholarship are required to:

actively cooperate in international exchange and community service activities as scholars.

offer an oral presentation about his/her research before returning home.

submit a report before returning home. The report should be made on the basis of the essay which they submitted for application, entitled “What I expect from my experience at Kyushu University in light of my future career plans”, written on A4 size paper (1000 words)

maintain contact with Kyushu University, cooperate with alumni activities or similar activities after returning home


●Application Process

Determine an academic supervisor from who you wish to have instruction during your study term at Kyushu University ※Reference>>>

Contact the potential academic supervisor by e-mail or other ways, and obtain his/her unofficial consent.

Prepare application documents for applicants mentioned above, and send them to the academic supervisor by post.

The academic supervisor prepares” application documents for academic supervisor”, He/she will submit them along with “application documents for applicants” to International Student Exchange Division through the student section of the department concerned by the deadline

Applications for the Friendship Scholarship will be examined by the Kyushu University International Exchange Executive Committee and the final decision of the selection will be made by the President of Kyushu University.

The International Student Exchange Division will notify the student section of the department concerned and the prospective academic supervisor of the result in writing.

The prospective academic supervisor or the student section will notify the applicant of the result of the application.