CBSE Recommend Schools To Sell Textbooks(NCERT), Stationary Items In ‘Tuck Shops’ At Reasonable Price

Gurleen Kaur | Thursday, December 21, 2017 3:32 PM IST

New Delhi:  Clarifying about the earlier circulars related to distribution of NCERT textbooks, selling of stationary items and provision of 'tuck' shops in the  
school premises, CBSE has released a fresh circular. In its earlier circulars the Board had directed schools to unfollow textbooks of other publishers. In April
 2017, CBSE had asked schools to avoid indulging in commercial activities like selling uniforms or other stationary items and books. Considered to be a noble
 approach,  the Board warns of strict action against the school, if it sells books of other publishers other than NCERT.
Rules to be followed;
-The shops, will be functional inside the school premises, will supply NCERT textbooks only.
 -The shops will also supply stationary items like pen, pencil, copy, notebooks, eraser, sharpener, blank sheets, etc.
 -The price charged for all these items should not be more than maximum retail price (MRP).
 -Schools can't force parents to buy textbooks from the 'tuck' shops or vendors of their choice