Azim Premji University announces admissions for Undergraduate

Gayathri | Thursday, November 17, 2016 4:29 PM IST

Azim Premji University announces admissions for its three year Undergraduate Programme. The programme is conceived as an educational experience that prepares reflective citizens, capable of meaningful engagement in work and in society. This is a 3-year, full-time, residential programme based in Bengaluru. The University has an explicit commitment towards supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds, based on parental education, income, caste, gender etc. The University provides extensive financial assistance for deserving students through full and part scholarships covering tuition fees and accommodation and food charges. 

The Programme offers B.Sc. degree with Majors in Physics or Biology and B.A. degree with Majors in Economics or Humanities. Students have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of Minors, based on their interests. E.g. Data Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Education, Development & Sustainability etc. They can also pursue an Honours degree by taking up additional research work and projects. 

The Undergraduate Programme at Azim Premji University is unique in offering both breadth of engagement through the common curriculum and disciplinary depth by means of the specializations. Students have the opportunity to pursue creative engagements in Music, Arts and Sports etc. It combines conceptual knowledge with practical engagement through lab work, field work, workshops, student research, projects and portfolios. Faculty members come with a mix of teaching, research and field experience and follow innovative teaching-learning methods that bring out the best in students. 

Mr. Venu Narayan, Director School of Liberal studies, Azim Premji University said, “Our programme is a three-year liberal undergraduate programme. The educational philosophy of the programme focuses on preparing students as critical thinkers, good communicators and responsible citizens. The curriculum, high faculty student ratio and significant student support are designed to build deep disciplinary knowledge while allowing students the space to identify and pursue their interests.” 

Admission process and dates: Students can apply online on the University website. Applicants will be short listed based on a written test and personal interview. The Undergraduate programme admission is conducted in two phases. Applications for early admissions close on 7th Dec 2016, followed by an entrance test on 18th Dec 2016, interview and offer of admission in Jan 2017. Applications for regular admissions close on 23-April 2017 with the entrance test and interviews scheduled in May 2017. 

Career Opportunities 

Our graduates can explore varied opportunities in both employment and higher education. Whether in business, the social sector or entrepreneurship, our graduates will benefit from an education that nurtures fundamental capabilities along with deep disciplinary knowledge. We also foresee some of our students continuing to pursue higher studies either at Azim Premji University or elsewhere. 

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