PM urged to grant autonomy for States in education

Gayathri | Monday, November 28, 2016 10:41 AM IST

The State Platform for Common School System — Tamil Nadu (SPCSS-TN) has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi with an appeal to allow States to pursue their own policy on education.

The letter, written to greet the PM on the occasion of Constitution Day observed on November 26, states that recent steps taken by the Centre to introduce the exams like NEET and EXIT are directly aimed at usurping the State governments powers, with regard to formulation of policy and administrative mechanism in education and language. It said that the move was against the the constitution. NEET would neither bring in quality nor reduce the fee. On the contrary it would only pave way for elimination and exit of downtrodden people from pursuing medical education, whereby reserving the entire medical education for the affluent.

The letter, signed by P.B. Prince Gajendra Babu, general secretary of the organisation, states the Centre’s measures to convert selected universities as World Class Institutes was aimed at closing the doors of higher education to the downtrodden. “It will only create disparity. Several of the proposals contained in the MHRD document ‘Some Inputs for Draft National Education Policy, 2016’ are against the principles and provisions of the Constitution ,” the letter said.