Boston public schools have offered counselling to students after Trump’s win

Gayathri | Thursday, November 10, 2016 10:07 AM IST

Schools in Boston have offered counselling to students while universities across the country are offering meditation sessions and free tea to help those struggling after Donald Trump's election victory.

A letter was sent to parents and students at public schools in Boston on Wednesday saying counselors were available to anyone who has concerns after Tuesday's election.

Boston Superintendent Tommy Chang said in the letter that resources were available and that it was important to be strong for the students. 

'The coming days and weeks may be challenging for many, and celebratory for others,' he wrote. 

'We must ensure that our students feel safe by providing safe and respectful learning communities. We are fortunate to live in a democracy where we can hold these conversations even if we disagree with the outcome.'

It comes as universities across the country took the bizarre step of organizing meditation sessions, professors postponing exams and students protesting in the wake of the election. 

University of Maryland professor Alan Peel was among those to postpone exams.

'The nation in which you currently reside decided last night to elect a president whose own words have painted him a moral and possibly physical hazard to many of us,' he wrote in an email to students. 

'I debated whether to press on today in the spirit of re-establishing normalcy, but have come to realize that my position and my background may have afforded me the privilege to do so. Others may find they do not have that privilege.'

The University of California, Berkeley created safe spaces for minority students and healing spaces for women and members of the LGBT community.