150 Students From Hyderabad Deported in New Zealand

Ashikavinod | Wednesday, September 28, 2016 12:23 PM IST

150 Students From Hyderabad Deported in New Zealand

Around 150 students from Hyderabad are now left in the lurch after the New Zealand government served deportation notices to them for using fake documents in their student visa applications.While the students blame their visa agents in Hyderabad and Punjab for the fake financial documents, the New Zealand government holds the students personally responsible for their own documents. The students who now face deportation claim to have spent between $20,000 to $25,000 towards college admission, agent commissions and other expenses.

Stung by the deportation order, the affected students sat down to protest in Auckland on Monday. They were supported in their fight for justice by the Migrant Workers Association.In January of 2016 the US immigration authorities had taken a tough stand by cancelling student visas and deporting students from Hyderabad.

Students traveling abroad for higher education not only contribute considerably to the economies of those countries but also fill necessary skill gaps and create more jobs in the process.By 2017, the global middle class is projected to increase its spending on educational products and services by nearly 50% – from US$4.4 trillion in 2012 to US$6.2 trillion.