Try some new courses after XII

webdesk | Monday, May 29, 2017 11:10 AM IST

Try some new courses after XII

Selecting courses after school is a huge task for students who didnt decide on their passion. There are a lot of courses which people are not aware of.

Here we are introducing some of them.

Bachelor of Rural Studies

If your heart and soul lies in the villages and rural parts of India, then this is the course for you. Offered by a few colleges in Gujarat and Rajasthan, the course gives you a chance to engage with people on the ground, and know more about their lifestyle, economy, community development activities, etc. The course primarily covers topics like animal husbandry, forestry, farms, agriculture, etc. After this course, you can either start your own organisation and work with various stakeholders, or join an NGO or domestic/international organisation and work as an employee.

Habitat Policy and Practice

Those who have an interest in habitat related issues and have a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Architecture, Management, Physics, Geography, Planning, Law or Social Science can apply to this course. The course will include the study of  livelihood activities, social composition and rights of the inhabitants, as well as resources, infrastructure and services needed by inhabitants.


Get your childhood theatre form come alive in the form a career. One of the oldest forms of entertainment, this is also used as a tool for educating children. Mumbai University has a course in puppetry and so do some renowned theatre groups.

Ethical Hacking

 Move over hacking into a friend’s Facebook account or email, and learn how to hack ethically and get paid for it. There are institutes like Indian School of Ethical Hacking and Institute of Information Security that have courses on offer. Ethical hackers are in high demand and are paid well.

Carpet technology

Get to know the entire history of Indian carpet industry. The courses offered by Indian Institute of Carpet Technology in Bhadohi teach various aspects of carpet industry and allied textile industries.

Spa Management

A good spa relaxes your body and takes you to a different world. Spa management and training is something we haven’t heard many people doing. So, where do Spa companies get these awesome masseurs and therapists? A spa training institute will teach you everything you need to know about a good spa and how you can make a career at it.

Pet grooming

If you are fond of animals, this could be something worth exploring. Pet grooming is in high demand as more and more pet owners seek professional care to maintain their pets’ health and well-being.

Tea Tasting

Are you among those who can’t start their day without a cup of tea, this is for you. Imagine having gallons of it and getting paid for it on dollars. Yes, it’s true.

There are colleges like Birla Institute of Futuristic Studies, Assam Agriculture University, Indian Institute of Plantation Management and Tea Research Association that have courses on offer.