SEO and digital marketing courses @ three seas infologics: Apply now

Gayathri | Tuesday, December 27, 2016 9:59 AM IST

All across the country, the word digital is making wide resonance as if that very word defines our scurrying ahead to future. Yes we hear a lot about digital money and digital economy. Politics  aside, one thing is pacca sure.  

Information technology and doing business with IT would chart the course of future. And those who want to be a successful professional, business personality and a real job seeker must know the way things go around in the digital world. But when we speak of information technology and digital we are not speaking about decades long revolution that a tiny screen with CPU has made happen. But what it makes now, at this very moment. That is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The three letters have become the cutting edge, the real breakthrough. So it is the carpe diem. Catch the train, before it leaves.

What is SEO?

Search is what people do most, if not all, of the time online. Google has always become a synonym of 'doing online.' People key in a word, example sports jersey, to know about it.

Billions of page are quickly displayed on screen in order. There is the Wikipedia entry on the history of sports jerseys; the Amazon entry of sports jerseys put up for sales in the platform.

From a business person's perspective who sells jerseys or a blogger's perspective who writes about jerseys, it is really important to get listed atop by a search engine like Google, because people don't really go beyond a limit. The task of an SEO executive to is push up a website in the first page or even in the first few pages. As online business would be the business ritual of tomorrow, SEOs would be, and is still now, the most sought after IT executive. So we invite you learn with us the art of doing future.

Why Three seas infologics? 

A brand new Diploma & Certification Course in SEO & Digital Marketing is the initiative of Threeseas Infologics one of the prime IT entrepreneurs centred in the capital city of Kerala.

The State Resource Centre under the Government of Kerala is tying up with SEO to spearhead this innovative and futuristic educational programme. Besides joining hands with government to push the programme up, Threeseas has other authoritative and innovative stimulus to offer you to join the course.It is for the first timein India that a full-fledged course in SEO is being conducted.

In India,standard course books on SEO are not available. The course book is prepared by the Three Seas team based on the latest Google algorithm updates.The eight modulelong, comprehensive course book will guide you through the significant steps in the profession. It would explain how search engine locates web pages using crawling mechanism known as web spiders,what are the ethical,rule book based processes that define the profession, how to better do and not to do social media marketing etc.

A state-of-the-art,industry wise training would help the students catch the rhythm as well as the stuff and style of the profession.Able instructors who are the sought-after hands in the field would be another significant reason why you must choose us over some bogus claims.

The following are the pluses

Key Features

•Up-to-date course modules

•Hands-on with lotsof practical examples

•Access to an individual demo website for practical implementation

• Structured curriculum

•Real world examples &case studies

•Developed by experts with extensive experience in the Asia region

After-training support

After completion of SEO training program, you will get:

•Govt.Approved Certificate

•Job and placement assistance

•News update

Career Options:

Search Engine Optimization Expert,SEO Manager,SEO Project Manager,SEO Specialist,

Social Media Optimizer,Link Building Expert,Content Submitter,SEO Executive etc.


  • Course is designed as per current industry requirement
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Internship Assistance
  • Case Studies and Assignments
  • Govt.Approved Certification
  • Self-Assessment Tests After Each and Every Module
  • Handouts of each and Every Module would be given to the Trainees
  • Backup and Revision Sessions for the Trainees who are absent
  • Alumni Group (you can Network to build your business,to fetch or swap the jobs)