Experts To Further Explore Technology’s Role In Teaching, Learning

Ashikavinod | Saturday, October 1, 2016 11:55 AM IST

Experts To Further Explore Technology’s Role In Teaching, Learning

As the world embraces the digital age, it's not surprising to learn that technology has been an influential factor in transforming education. In fact, the combined forces of education and technology has redefined the learning and teaching experiences of students and teachers.

Education technology, however, does not only aim to transform the way students learn or improve the traditional pedagogies in school. AsParent Herald previously reported, the broader field of EdTech could also reinvent and revolutionize the research process at educational institutions.

Due to the potential role of education technology in teaching and learning, Georgetown UniversityCenter for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship executive director Eddie Maloney believes that EdTech should become an academic discipline. According to Campus Technology, Maloney stressed the need to further explore technology's role in teaching and learning.

With that said, Georgetown University is gearing up to launch its master's degree program in Learning and Design. This new academic discipline aims to explore the study of education technology, learning analytics and instructional design.

Georgetown University, however, is not alone in its quest to explore the role of education technology in teaching and learning. As a matter of fact, Stanford University and Purdue University have both launched its master's degree programs in Learning, Design and Technology.

With the renewed interest for education technology this year, many skeptics are wondering why. So, Maloney explained how education technology, along with design and analytics, could help improve teaching and learning by eliminating education gaps through new EdTech tools and approaches to reach students.

Speaking of education technology, Province Journal pointed out the fact that student success would not be possible without innovation and technology. State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Governor Gina Marie Raimondo even said that technology is the key factor to allow students to learn more and do more hence, producing more skilled students.

As education technology continues to revolutionize the way students learn, solve problems and interact in classrooms, Glendale Community College introduced its Sandbox lab. The Sandbox allowed students to explore the new technology and to learn in a real-world work environment setting.

Meanwhile, education technology could also support students in underserved communities. Vielka Hoy Consulting Founder and Director Vielka Hoy explained via Quora that the effective way to use EdTech in underserved communities is by working within the framework of their school communities.

EdSurge's Molly Zielezinski, however, pointed out the difference of integrating education technology in underserved and privileged communities. According toForbes, EdTech is used to remediate in underserved communities but in privileged ones, it is used to boost student learning with practice.