400 PU colleges are expected to come up in Karnataka

Gayathri | Sunday, February 12, 2017 2:33 PM IST

400 PU colleges are expected to come up in Karnataka

Karnataka state will get 400 new private pre-university colleges from the coming academic year. 
The Department of Pre-University Education (PUE) has received as many as 444 applications seeking permission to set up new unaided private PU colleges across the state. According to officials, 90 per cent of the applications will be cleared by the government.

However, no new government colleges will be opened as the government stopped giving permission to new colleges since 2004. 
“In view of the decreasing strength in government colleges and objection from the Finance department, the government stopped giving permission for setting up new colleges,” said an official.

Sometimes, elected representatives try to put pressure on the department asking it to set up a government college in their constituency. But the department has stopped receiving such applications. 
“It was too much pressure to handle and we communicated this to the government. Since then, we are not entertaining any such applications at the department level. If they want, they should approach the government directly. If the government feels the need for a college, then it will forward the application to us,” the official added.

But does the state need 400 new PU colleges when there are already 5,009 colleges?  Ranganath, Joint Director (Affiliation), said, “We cannot refuse permission for setting up private colleges just because there is no student strength in government colleges.”

He added, “The private colleges should have 40 students admitted every year, otherwise the affiliation will be withdrawn after issuing a notice to the concerned institute in the next year.”

In 2016, the department received 309 applications for setting up new PU colleges of which the government approved for 208 colleges.