Huawei offers engineering scholarships in India

Gayathri | Friday, February 17, 2017 12:06 PM IST

Huawei offers engineering scholarships in India

 Huawei Technologies India, has partnered with 8 reputed engineering universities and colleges to provide student scholarships for boosting ICT sector skills development in the country.

Huawei Technologies India has inked MoUs with leading academic institutions to sponsor yearly Huawei Excellence Scholarships to deserving students. Each student scholarship will average Rs 50,000, aimed to cover annual college fees.

Through the partnership, Huawei aims to set up a model for greater industry-academia collaboration to enhance the ICT domain knowledge transfer between industry experts and students, encourage students to excel in their academics, and assist in shaping industry-ready graduates.

“Huawei has always supported ICT education in countries where we operate, including India. We believe that a large base of highly skilled youth can galvanise the advancement of industry and society,' William Zhao, Huawei Technologies India CEO said in an official statement Thursday.

As communications technology evolves at lightning pace, he said, the ability to access and use information as well as ICT skills are key to the spread of new technologies and narrowing gaps in societies and regions.

'Our partnership with Indian universities will enable students to excel in ICT knowledge and skills, pave the way for an enriching career and their contribution to the industry and society” Zhao said.

Huawei is a member of the UN Global Compact and is actively involved in promoting equal access to telecommunications, and affordability of ICT education, in its bid to bridge the ‘Digital Divide’ between developing and developed nations.