Fintech careers: India, world in dire need of a talent pool

Gurleen Kaur | Tuesday, November 28, 2017 6:01 PM IST

Fintech careers: India, world in dire need of a talent pool

NOV 28,2017

In the last couple of years, due to automation and structural changes in business and technology, we have witnessed more than two million job cuts
across the globe. However, unlike other sectors, the financial technology or fintech space is growing at a rapid pace. With various innovations and
constant flow of investments, the fintech industry remains a very exciting place to build a career in. Today, the fintech ecosystem in India and the world
is in dire need of a talent pool and they are ready to pay hefty a premium for experienced individuals with relevant skillsets.
Fintech has various subdomains and underlying enabling technologies. While it has maximum impact on the BFSI sector, other industries are getting
disrupted as well. Currently major fintech openings are in the areas of payments, retail banking and personal finance, peer to peer debt financing,
equity crowdfunding, asset management/robo-advisors, institutional investments, remittances and financial research.