Japan offers scholarships of 59 lakhs for Indian students

Gayathri | Monday, May 22, 2017 11:00 AM IST

Japan offers scholarships of 59 lakhs for Indian students

Undergraduate students can seek Rs 59 lakhs and postgraduate students can looks forward to Rs 42 lakh scholarships to study in Japan.In an aim to increase the number of foreign students in its educational institutions, Japan is offering scholarships for Indian students travelling to the country.  

“The main idea is to attract maximum students to the Japanese higher education institutes to foster mutual ties between countries and give them the best circumstances to conduct their research,” Kodama said.

There are 1,015 Indian students currently pursuing higher education in the country and the Japanese government hopes to double this number by 2020.

Students will be selected on the basis on a written examination and an interview. The written exam will include a test on the Japanese language and questions on English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. The subjects would depend on the field of study that the student chooses.

Students will be required to submit research proposals and qualify with their research work for postgraduate courses after which they would have to appear for Japanese and English exam and an interview.

“Post-graduate courses in Japan are research oriented and hence aspirants are expected to conduct their own research even in master’s course. That’s why identifying research topics and research proposals is so important,” Kodama said adding that students will also get assistance in placements as there are numerous job opportunities in the country for research and academics.