cancel school holidays on death and birth anniversaries of great personalities -yogi adityanath

Webdesk | Saturday, April 15, 2017 9:12 AM IST

cancel school holidays on death and birth anniversaries of great personalities -yogi adityanath

Yogi Adtiyanath government announced to cancel holidays in schools on birth and death anniversaries of great personalities. Chief Minister Yogi Adtiyanath said the tradition of closing schools on such occasion should be stopped. Saying that schools will open on those days, the CM said special programmes will be organised on campuses about these great personalities.

In Uttar Pradesh, past governments had been announcing holidays on the death and birth anniversaries of great personalities. 'Stop this practice, cancel all such holidays CM said.
While addressing a programme at Ambedkar Mahasabha campus in Lucknow, the Chief Minister said that his government was going to make an amendment that could draw objections from some people. He said that tradition has started to close schools in the name of great personalities. 'But the students remain unaware about the occasion and about the great personaltiy. When they are asked about the reason for holiday, they guess that day as a Sunday,' he said and added that this should not happen.

Yogi Adtiyanath said instead of closing schools in the name of great personalities, special programme of 12 hours should be organised which can spread awareness about the life of these great personalities.The CM said that people should know what problems Bhimrao Ambedkar faced in life and in what conditions he got higher education.

'Isliye chuttiyan band karo.. school chalao (stop these holidays, let schools run),' the CM said and added that students should be told about these great personalities. Adtiyanath said that such programmes will create a feeling of respect among people about these great personalities and upcoming generations will get motivations to become like
these personalities and cotnribute to socitey and nation.The CM said that because of a number of holidays, schools are running hardly for 120 days while the schools should ideally run for at least 220 days in any session. He said that if that േൃമdition continues a day will come when there will be no working day in schools.