Best education for poor students in the new education year

Gayathri | Saturday, June 3, 2017 5:47 PM IST

Best education for poor students in the new education year

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan after inaugurating the state-level 'Praveshanotsavam' marking the entry of children into the world of letters and learning said that the state government is trying to bridge the economic divide in the education sector and ensure quality education to children irrespective of their financial background.
The education department organised 'Praveshanotsavam' across the state to mark the occasion by decorating schools with flowers and balloons to give a joyful welcome to the newcomers.Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said the goal of the government schools will be to mould children to make them efficient to take up the challenges of the world.

The chief minister recalled the time when a girl called Panchami hailing from Ooruttambalam was denied education because she belonged to a scheduled caste. He said admission fest was hence held this time in Ooruttambalam. “The protest started under the leadership of Ayyankali in Ooruttambalam had brought the place to the limelight. It was an uprising not only for Panchami but for the whole of Kerala, against the then prevalent ‘Chathurvarnya’ system,” said Pinarayi.

Education Minister C Raveendranath said Rs. 493 crore would be allotted from Kerala Infrastructure Investment Board for the hi-tech school initiative.
Distribution of free handloom uniforms and 'smart classrooms' were some of the major initiatives introduced by the state government in the education sector this year. Plastic was kept at bay in the Praveshanotsavam as part of the 'green protocol'.

Over 40 lakh students are pursuing their school studies from class 1 to plus two in both government and private sector schools in Kerala.