Jamia Cancels PhD Scholar’s Registration, Official Cites ‘Technical’ Reason After Uproar

Webdesk | Saturday, September 16, 2017 4:21 PM IST

Jamia Cancels PhD Scholar’s Registration, Official Cites ‘Technical’ Reason After Uproar

The cancellation of candidature of PhD scholar (Sociology department), Dhrupadi Ghosh has embarked a rage. Ms. Ghosh, who took to social media for the issue has mentioned that the varsity has cancelled her candidature without citing any reason. She had registered for PhD two years before. The office order issued on 12 September 2017 clearly says that the 'admission of Ms Dhrupadi Ghosh is being cancelled from PhD in Sociology with effect from 7 November 2017.'

Dhrupadi Ghosh, an active member of student organisation DISSC, alleges that this move is subsequent to her activism and 'because they raise students' issues in university.' The social media post which states, 'Jamia targets activist, cancels PhD,' also mentions that four other students of the same group have been given show cause notice.

NDTV talked to an official about the issue to which the reply was quite 'technical.' According to the official, Ms Ghosh has a qualification in Fine Arts which is completely (not even remotely) an allied subject of Sociology. Only when the Board of Studies realized it, they decided to cancel her admission.

The University official also emphasized on the University's move and discarded the allegations of 'activism' as a main reason for this issue. 'Many students get involved in protests against administration, and no such allegation has been raised by any. In her case, it is entirely the decision of the academics and the Board of Studies.'

In support of Ms Ghosh, United General Body Meeting will be held today at 6 pm at Polytechnic Park for deciding on further action.