Swayam Online Courses

Gayathri | Friday, June 23, 2017 2:44 PM IST

Swayam Online Courses

A list of courses has been made available under Swayam platform which will be open from July 9. All these are semester-long courses will be conducted by professors from Indian Institutes of Technology, IIMs and other institutes of national repute and should be made complete use of by students, experts from Pune said.

College of Engineering Pune started offering MOOCS since 2015-16. The evaluation of the subject was done based on both the online (2%) and offline (80%) process. CoEP said it will be introducing more courses this year. Ahuja said MOOCs was a boon for students.

'Paucity of competent faculty is a huge issue in many colleges. Through MOOCs, a student gets to learn from the best of the faculty across the nation. Secondly, technology is evolving at such a pace that it is impossible to keep up with the syllabi. MOOCs helps as the latest technology is designed in the most student-friendly way by the best of minds in the country on Swayam. It is a great move to make students employable,' Ahuja added.

Madhuri Khambete, principal of Cummins College of Engineering for Women said they are in the process of including MOOCs on Swayam for students. 'We are exploring which courses will be the best for students in various streams of engineering. It is a great initiative and at this point in time, we will be considering it for our second-year students.'

Khambete said that teachers will be encouraged to take up MOOCS. 'This is a great value addition course for faculty. They can know about the latest technology and increase their knowledge which will further help in the teaching process as eminent lecturers will teach them,' she added.

V B Gaikwad, dean of the engineering faculty for SPPU, said they would adopt MOOCs for all engineering colleges under their purview.